Hermès H08

We had the pleasure to collaborate with Paris-based production company PHANTASM on the campaign for the new Hermès H08 watch. Directed by the super talented Jonas Vahl and designed by our favourite Creative Director Georg Fasswald, we created floating rocks and liquid mirrors.

Apart from the main 40 second film we worked on three additional social media clips, as well as several print motifs.


Directed by Jonas Vahl

Client: Hermès Paris

Agency: @publicisetnous
Production: PHANTASM
Creative Director : Georg Fasswald
Executive Producer: Noé Baruchel Dominati
Line Producer: Theo Jourdain
Production Coordinator: David Borens

CGI: Kaiserlicht

Talent : Henry Kitcher
Agent: Dylan Cicek

DOP: Nicolas Loir
Agent: Vinh Nguyen

Post-production :
Editor : Christian Zimmermann
2nd editor : Olivier Bonin
Post-producer: Rodrigo Pomarico
VFX Sup : Yves Delforges
2D Artist : Mael Gaumont
Colorist : Emiliano Serantoni