VW: Tiguan GTE Active Concept Detroit 2016

Kaiserlicht helped Hamburg-based post-production company Infected to create a full CGI spot for the unveiling of the VW Tiguan during the Detroit Motorshow 2016.
We were responsible for photo-realistic lighting and rendering of all the outdoor shots. From concept to final delivery, the scheduling for this project was particularly tight, with Kaiserlicht required to complete 28 shots in less than six weeks – in double HD resolution and at 50 frames per second!


CGI Production: INFECTED
Director: Alexander Hanowski

Production: Markenfilm Crossing
Client: Volkswagen
Music: Supreme Music, Felix Müller

Production details

To create the setting for the new VW Tiguan, Kaiserlicht developed a completely procedural Canyon Generator. This uses simple input curves to automatically create infinite numbers of canyons with controlled forms. Our flexible procedural approach turned out to be ideal for this project, as in the initial stages it was not yet clear where the car would be travelling.

While Infected took over the car animation, Kaiserlicht delivered the photo-realistic shading and rendering of the vehicle and its environments. Although matte painting sufficed for some backgrounds, 16 shots still required a complete 3D environment. Rendering such a huge amount of shots at 4k resolution and 50 frames per second was a difficult task, but  our in-house GPU-farm utilizing Redshift Render Engine was up for the challenge.

Pictures from the show